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Expectations for a Potential Venue: Aesthetics aside

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Expectations for a Potential Venue: Aesthetics aside

The day is finally here, you have taken the next step in your journey by joining your life to another’s. You will become enthralled in the wedding planning process thinking of the colors, schemes, outfits, photos, guests, food, and all that encompasses your special day. Once those tasks are handled, or at least mildly organized, it is time to start nailing down the grander details such as where this stunning wedding will be taking place. You open your browser and begin to type in the search bar wedding venues near me. To your surprise numerous options populate from your search. This is a giant decision because it dictates the look and feel of your wedding. How do you pick out the perfect venue? What should you look for? How do you know you are in good hands? Hopefully by the end of this post you will have answers to these questions.

- Professional

First and foremost a wedding venue should present itself professionally. Does it have an updated website with working contact information? Have they invested time in making it easy to navigate with client friendly features in mind? Do you get timely responses from staff with quality answers? When you arrive for a tour it should be well kept and neat showing you the potential for what your wedding could look like. You should be treated with respect at every turn. All your questions should be considered and answered catered to your specific wedding. A venue should be accommodating to your specific needs with many options available to choose from. Any wedding venue worth its weight in salt will have these features at bare minimum. The client always comes first in the wedding business, this is your day and it is our pleasure to make it memorable.

- Passionate

From the first to the last interaction with the venue you should feel confident that they have your best interest at heart. You are paying for a service by using the wedding venue someone else owns, much like any business model they have created something you want. Just because they own it does not mean they deserve your business. A venue that is ran with respectable morals will win your business by showing you they have a passion for what they do not just for the dollars. Passion is the key word here. Pay close attention to the way that venue makes you feel. Do you feel like they are excited to interact with you whether that is email, phone calls, or in person? Do they willingly give out suggestions and ideas to help you visualize a perfect wedding? Are they hands on in helping to construct this special event? Having a passion for the client leads to these kinds of interactions. A venue should also be there during every step of the way working with vendors to keep things smooth on your big day. Many photographers and caterers want to see the environment in which they will be working. This means the venue should allow for them to come early and scope out the property, which allows them to plan accordingly. You should notice the staff take time to explain in detail the whole process from day one to the completion of your wedding giving a broad scope of information that helps put you at ease. A passionate wedding venue owner knows the investment is twofold, not only are you investing in the future of the wedding venue but likewise the wedding venue is helping you to begin a long journey together with your spouse starting on the first day of your marriage.

- Knowledgeable

A knowledgeable staff not only knows the inner workings of their venue but also the workings of a wedding as a whole. Knowing where the most optimal setup should be for specific features of your wedding is their job. The staff should be able to supply you with helpful insights for catering, photography, DJs, lighting, décor, and most other necessities for a successful wedding and reception. If the venue does not offer and all-inclusive package or you are pursuing other options the venue staff should be willing to assist in getting the spaces ready for the outside vendors. Being able to lean on a helpful staff to steer you in the right direction can make all the difference in the world during such a stressful yet amazing time.

Rounding this whole thing out the main take away is you should feel comfortable and pleased with the venue of your choosing. The venue should reflect a high standards for being professional, passionate, and knowledgeable to ensure that your special day runs as smooth as possible. All the ambiguous aspects of the wedding should be set to ease long before the wedding. Remember the venue would not be in business if it did not have clients. You as the paying party are priority number one.

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