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Honoring Loved Ones Lost at Your Wedding

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

honoring loved ones lost at a wedding

We look forward to our wedding encouraged by the hope of spending our lives with that one person who makes you feel whole. You understand we are only blessed with that specific feeling from a few relationships in a lifetime. As jubilant as you are knowing how much joy this new chapter of life is going to bring you, you find yourself saddened. The burden of knowing another of life’s milestones cannot be celebrated fully is a sensation you know all too well because a loved one has past away. Once you have lost a close loved one you know that every life event carries a different gravity than before.

Death is a part of life and it is a harsh truth some of us have to take this into consideration when planning a wedding. As difficult as this is to us the pain of this absence can be eased by honoring that missing person through different means. The reality is that person will not be attending and more than anything we want them there to celebrate with, because more than likely you are who you are because they were a part of your life. Whether it is leaving an open seat at the front of the alter or making a mural in remembrance of them at the reception there are ways we can include these beautiful people in our big day.

- Giving a Place to Sit

honoring loved ones lost at a wedding

Take an open seat and place it as close to the center of the aisle where you would like that family member to sit. On the seat add something of meaning from the that person. This could be a photo, article of clothing, a phrase printed on canvas they used to say specifically to you, a name tag, or all of the above. Give them the front row seat they would have been honored to have sat in. Be prepared on this one it will hit you hard as you stand looking back at it.

- A Table of Memories

honoring loved ones lost at a wedding

Normally every guest will walk down the aisle from the back of the wedding area to find their seats. Knowing this you can make a presentation of that missing loved one that each guest will pass by. Using the same method as before with pictures, clothing, items of significance you will present a mural of them to the guests. This helps you to know they are being honored for being a large part of who you are.

- Brides Bouquet

honoring loved ones lost at a wedding

The bride can incorporate the missing loved one into their bouquet using a pendant. Find your favorite photo of this individual and place it into a pendant then you will apply this pendant to your bouquet. This is a very subtle way to honor this loved one but can mean the most because you are physically holding the bouquet during most of the wedding day.

- Leave the Light On

honoring loved ones lost at a wedding

Burning a candle, this is a simple but meaningful method to honor your loved one. You can have a custom candle made with a phrase or quote of your choosing then you will light the candle before the wedding in a safe environment where it will not be extinguished. The is a way of keeping their light alive during the ceremony to honor their memory.

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